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Craig Taylor
Based in Staffordshire, UK

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— Description —


Color Whirl is a colorful hyper-casual mobile game about unscrambling images.

Color Whirl seperates images into layers of color and mixes them up. The player then rotates, zooms and moves the layers until they match up and reveal the picture.


Key Features

  • Stress free, complete levels in your own time.
  • Satisfying gameplay as colors slot into place to reveal images.
  • Colorful and relaxing atmosphere.
  • Colorful and dynamic mandala background reacts to user actions.
  • Future levels can be quickly generated from any image.
  • Granular difficulty, levels can have between 2 – 6 layers of color and any combination of rotation, zoom and movement to solve.

— Videos —

Color Whirl – Short Gameplay Trailer

Color Whirl – Longer Gameplay Video

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