Invasion Live has a problem.

The game has too many half-baked themes and concepts swirling around. Some of these ideas compliment each other, and some are distracting. What I want is to focus my game on the concepts that are most important and kick everything else out.

Currently Invasion Live’s list of main features and themes is as follows:

  • Tower Defence Game where the towers are built on a giant moving platform
  • Towers are manned by gun crews who can carry their weapons between towers
  • Swarms of varied enemies
  • Customizable bullets that change weapon behaviour
  • Small amount of different guns to fire customized bullets
  • Gun Crew members are flamboyant and frequently pull poses / get up to hijinks
  • When not adjusting defences the camera is dynamic and shows the battle in a cinematic way (Think the new xcom games)
  • Invasion Live is a gameshow where these giant ships go to a planet and battle it out against the dangerous monsters placed there by the organisers and other contestants
  • The ‘Invasion’ is broadcasted ‘Live’ to your home-planet which explains why the gun crew members are always playing to the camera.
  • Currency is earned from donations via the audience. Impress them with killstreaks and they’ll donate more.
  • New weapons / bullet parts are also dropped on the planet by the organisers for contestants to find and use.

As time goes by I’ve got more and more put off by the whole gameshow aspect of Invasion Live’s storyline. It seems a bit cliche and mainly came about to justify some of the game’s design decisions.

For example I was concerned about how resources from dead enemies are collected. Even though in most tower defence games the resources simply appear for you to use when the enemy dies. This brought about the whole Livestream donation idea.

This in turn brought along the gameshow idea as a way to solve the “Why is everyone watching a livestream of people shooting things” problem.

But it wasn’t always like this. All my projects, folders and builds for this game still have their old title. This might be the key to rejuvenating the story and focussing the premise of Invasion Live:

Terraformer Defence?

Now this blog is already too long so I’ll continue with this next week…

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