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If you don’t read any further at least check out this video. It’s an amalgamation of some character modelling and customisation I’ve been working on:

🙂 :O >:) :3

Not a bad start. If I do say so myself!

So first of all, I’ve managed to improve my modelling workflow considerably from when I made MultiTaskMaster. This model is low poly but has high detail sculpted UV maps which create creases on the jumpsuit and texture in the hair.

Also an improvement from MultiTaskMaster is the faces. Instead of blankly staring forwards I can quickly and easily change expressions. The frozen faces in MultiTaskMaster are one of my biggest regrets from that game so having overcome that obstacle is a really big deal for me.

As an extra pat on the back I’m also pretty pleased with my hand drawn faces. Surprisingly good for programmer art!

Originally Invasion Live was going to have the player make up gun crews X-Com style which would put character customisation to the fore-front. However so far I’ve been unable to find a way to add this into the game without making the tower defence gameplay style extremely tedious.

At the moment I’m aiming to allow the player to customise gun crews with the hats, personalities and poses (that comes soon) that they want per gun. So your machine gun crew might have the bunny ear helmets but the sniper crew might have the goggles.

This coming week I’m going to need to integrate the simpler system into the code and do some multipurpose animations. Then it’s time to build some weapons baby!