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State of the game right now

Was in two minds whether to show this video because it’s not too pretty on the eyes. However it does show off my progress pretty accurately so I’ve just sped it up so that you’ve not got as much time to look at it!

So lets break down exactly what I’m showing here:

  1. Building System :- so you can see me demolishing, moving and placing new buildings on the ship. This system is pretty robust. It also checks for overlaps and checks that the new building will not prevent the crew from moving between buildings
  2. Bullet Building :- Despite the UI looking really ugly you can see the current iteration of bullet building. Bullet casings have available slots that parts can be added to. This will change the behaviour of the bullet.
  3. Persistence between scenes :- The sausages are connected! The game moves back and forth from building to battle scenes remembering changes the player has made to their ship and arsenal.
Invasion Live Logo

4. Battle Scene :- The player’s ship navigates across the battle field and is assaulted by enemies. The whole battle scene seems to have fallen into disrepair since I’ve been concentrating on the build scene.

5. Towers :- Gun nests can be built on the ship and gun crew can be sent out to populate them using the building system.

6. Attacking :- Gun Crews pick targets and fire upon them. You may have noticed that the bullets are not behaving in a consistent way. That’s a new bug D:

Close up of tower upgrade with old models