Just a short one this week. As always if you want more information and opportunities to get involved with me and my game then sign up for my mailing list: Link Here

So the jamming together of two halves of my game spawned a ton of bugs and inconsistencies in my code. So most of this week has been spent hosing the damn things down.

Thankfully I’ve been pretty successful and the game is starting to behave itself. Which is wonderful!

This means that next week my blog post here should have some more interesting content and progress will hopefully start accelerating.

I’ve been redoubling my marketing this week. I’m fairly active on Reddit and Twitter but not always with my WyvernWare account. So starting this week (Monday) I have been hammering the social medias which is a good start to my marketing drive.

I’ve also been chasing down interesting variety Twitch streamers and barging my way into people’s Discord servers. I’m constantly surprised by how many talented and friendly people there are just floating around on the internet.

I’m always on the hunt for recommendations, so if you are or know any interesting variety streamers, developers or games media folks then let me know so I can befriend them 😀

Speaking of social media, I don’t have anything exciting to share for this weeks #indiedevhour so I’m going to order a delicious kebab and ogle everyone else’s hard work!