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Invasion Live Logo

This stage of development feels disheartening because despite putting in a ton of work there isn’t much graphical stuff to show off. This is disheartening and it feels like you’re not making progress because I show progress to other through graphics.

But progress has been made. My building sections and my battle sections are more linked up than ever before. There are now only a few hiccups to solve before I can run through whole levels and then I’ll have a ton of content to show off.


Over the last few weeks I’ve been making analogies about my code being balloons, strings of sausages and being enveloped into tortillas. I’m pretty sure everyone’s sick of this so I made the video above to get it all out of my system. It might just look like a white space if I’m unlucky 🙁

So to layout exactly how much progress has been made to encourage myself as well:

  • Building grid implemented
  • Friendly NPC on ship navigation implemented
  • Buildings can be moved
  • Buildings can be demolished
  • Buildings can be built
  • All Building actions performed by a builder who travels to building site and does the work
  • Buildings are plugins and can be easily created
  • Bullet building implemented
  • Bullet Parts are plugins and can be easily made
  • Level selection and information screen implemented
  • Level selection and information screen implemented
  • Ship movement through level implemented
  • Enemy navigation to ship implemented
  • Enemy spawn and warning system implemented
  • Gun Nests can be built and upgraded
  • Gun Crews travel to assigned gun nests and can be aimed by user
  • Gun Crews fire assigned guns and bullets at enemies
  • Bullet Behaviour is determined by bullet parts added to bullet by user
  • when enemies die the in universe live-stream audience donates resources to the player
  • Pooling completed
  • Permanence between scenes (The permanence Tortilla and sausage string) implemented