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So of course, a week after I start a development blog I have almost a week off to spend with family. But I do have some progress to discuss so you don’t have to read a review of which Brothers cider is the best.

Parma Violet was the best. Weird huh?

Invasion Live is currently split into two parts. A building phase where buildings can be arranged and weaponry can be developed and the battle phase enemies are fought.

My current goal is to bring these two parts together into one glorious whole. Unfortunately I coded the building phase quite some time ago so the code has become mysterious and doesn’t live up to my current standards.

This is a good thing I guess because it means I’m improving but it’s still kinda frustrating.

Also while my sister was visiting I locked her in a room and forced her to do a first draft for an improved (WiP) logo for my game so that my friends on Twitter won’t laugh at me.

Also this week (tomorrow in fact) my partner is going to the doctors because the medication she needs to sort out her bile acid mal-absorption is no longer available. This is particularly annoying because she only started on it at the beginning of August.

This is pretty stressful for both of us and to be honest it’s been putting me off my work a little bit. Hopefully it’ll be a simple matter of transferring to another drug and the transition period will be easy on her.