Crew Member, big boi, spider baddie (working names)

I had a conversation with one of my Twitter followers the other day and they explained that they’ve been reading my posts but were pretty lost about what I was actually working on. This made it pretty obvious that I’m not making it obvious so here it is:

Provisional Name, Logo, everything really

A light strategy / tower defence game where you defend a massive moving landship from swarms of enemies with teams of crew armed with customised weaponry.

Let me hit you with my planned feature list:

  • Survive the most dangerous game show in the universe set on a planet artificially covered with dangerous enemies and awesome prizes.
  • Defend your land ship by building gun nests and support buildings.
  • Populate your gun nests with gun crews armed with a variety of weapons with their own strengths and weaknesses.
  • Customise your bullets to drastically change their behaviour. For example you could make a bullet penetrate several enemies, have rainbow tracers or split into electric bunnies on impact that hop towards targets and explode!
  • Customise your crew’s looks and victory poses to captivate your audience.
  • All these battles will be live-streamed (in game) and you will be reliant on the donations from your audience to fund your campaign.
  • Defeat the other contestants and secure victory?

This game is still early in development, especially as far as graphics and music are concerned.

The good news is a lot of the behind the scenes stuff is done and I’m hopeful that in the next few weeks I’ll have an iteration of this game completed that I can play and improve on.

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