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July, 2018


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— Description —

MultiTaskMaster is a brain melting arcade game in which you juggle four games at once.

Prove your multi-tasking skills by playing every part in a bank robbery and keeping all the loot. Make a fortune by working every job in a cafe and collecting all the wages. Take all the starring roles in a zombie apocalypse and take all the glory.

Become the MultiTaskMaster by completing 48 different games in 12 different locations.

Do it all yourself, keep all the rewards, then do it faster.


Key Features

  • Play four games at the same time
  • 48 unique games covering 12 different locations
  • Effects from your actions in one game can be observed in the backgrounds of the other games
  • Challenge your multi-tasking skills
  • Wide range of difficulty levels from Learning to Nightmare to suit players of all skill levels
  • Endless mode – go for the high score.
  • Approximately 500 in game achievements to achieve
  • Authentic Swedish music
  • Colorful 3D graphics
  • Single Player. Who needs other people when you can Multi-Task!

Example Levels

  • Run a cafe by being the chef, barista, server and table clearer all at once
  • Rob a bank by controlling the hostages, drilling the safe, catching the money and dealing with the police at the same time
  • Compete in the downhill slalom, Curling, Snowball death-match and ski jump simultaneously
  • Keep the humans safe by barricading windows, letting in survivors, knocking down zombies and keeping the lights on
  • And much much more…

— History —

In 2015 I was receiving medical treatment for severe depression. I was also caring for my partner who suffers from Crohn’s disease and would eventually need a life saving operation. During this time I was becoming increasingly dissatisfied with my day job and also went through a period of bereavement after the sudden death of my father.

During this difficult time I started game development. I used it as a way to keep my mind occupied and work through my depression. After releasing a couple of free to play browser based games I decided to found WyvernWare with the mission to make fun, unique games whilst also being able to work from home so I can care for my partner.

After the traumatic cancellation of my first planned Steam release I decided to start afresh and only choose a game for development if I could mock up a fun level in a week or so. I managed to make a working prototype of the bank level from MultiTaskMaster in one evening. Despite some of my other prototype games being more complex this was the one that was the most interesting and fun to play.

After just over one year of development MultiTaskMaster will be my first game released on Steam. Currently due for release August 2018.

— Videos —

MultiTaskMaster Trailer

MultiTaskMaster – Expert Difficulty Showcase

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